Parents each have a personal login for their child’s Tapestry account which they should read regularly.

Online learning activities can be found here. Please read the “Home Learning” letter from the teachers first before you open any of the links below.

Reception Home Learning Letter wk beg 13th July
Reception Simon Says PE
Reception – Addition-and-Subtraction-Word-Problems
Reception Under the Sea Size Ordering
Reception Collective Worship Planner
Reception going to Year 1 Summer Activity Booklet
Reception My Favourite Memories From This Year
Reception My Wish For Year One

Reception – home learning letter wk beg 6th July
Reception Cutting Skills
Reception PE Activities
Reception Words and Picture Match
Reception – Sunglasses Art
Reception Summer
Reception Tate Art
Reception Maths
Reception Read and Colour
Reception PSHE Reflection

Reception – Home learning letter wk beg 29th June
Reception Phase 3 Pictures and Captions Matching Worksheet
Reception Emoji Activity
Reception Catholic Social Teaching
Reception Coin Recognition Sheet
Reception Coin Addition Activity
Reception Coin Detective Activity
Reception Word problems
Reception Diversity ppt

Reception Home Learning Letter wk beg 22nd June
Reception CCVC Word Search
Reception Phase 4 Picture and Caption
Reception Hide and Seek
Reception Position
Reception RE
Useful websites and ideas for Infant Parents

Reception – Home Learning Letter wk beg 15th June
Reception – Story Map
Reception – CVCC worksheet (CCVC = consonant, consonant, vowel, consonant)
Reception – Ten in a Bed Number Bonds
Reception – One More One Less
Reception – Minibeast Action Cards
Reception – Obstacle Course

Reception Home Learning Letter wk beg 8th June
Reception Spelling Maze
Reception – Tricky Words Word Search
Reception – House Comprehension
Reception – Hansel and Gretel Poem
Reception – Counting in tens
Reception – Pentecost
Reception – Rocket
Reception – Good friend discussion

Reception Home Learning letter wk beg 1st June
Reception – The Qur’an
Reception – Comprehension
Reception – Days of the week
Reception – Baby Bear’s Day
Reception – E-Safety

Reception Home learning letter wk beg 18th May
Reception – Ascension
Reception – Comprehension
Reception – Tricky Words Handwriting
Reception – Double Dominoes to 20

Reception – Home learning letter wk beg 11th May
Reception – air spelling sheet
Reception – ear spelling sheet
Reception – er spelling sheet
Reception – oi spelling sheet
Reception – ure spelling sheet
Reception – Missing Number Tracks
Reception – Ball Skills Challenge Sheet

Reception – Home learning letter wk beg 4th May
Reception – Create a May Prayer Table
Reception – When I Think of Mary
Reception Spelling Sheets
VE DAY activities

Reception – Home learning letter – 27th April
Reception – Cross Template
Reception – Matthew 28 1-10 for RE
Reception – The Resurrection story plan
Reception – Online Phonics Learning from the Department for Education
Reception – One Syllable Rhyming Sheet
Reception – rhyming Odd One Out Activity
Reception – Rhyming Sheet
Reception – Stripy Scarves Repeating Patterns
Reception – The Very Hungry Caterpillar Pattern Sheet
Reception – Gross Motor Activity Cards

Reception – Home learning letter wk beg 20th April
Reception – Easter Holiday Writing Frames
Reception Cube template
Reception Handwriting Practice Please note that the PowerPoint version of this will be loaded onto Class Dojo.
Reception – CVCC and CCVC Words Worksheet, Circle That Word!
Reception – A-Z Letter Formation Activity Sheets
Reception – Shape Patterns
Reception – Building Blocks Challenge Cards
Reception – Fingerprint Snake Patterns
Reception – PE Challenge Sheets
Reception – All About Spring

Reception Home Learning letter 30th March 2020


Reception Good Friday Lesson 30th March

Reception prayer-reflection 30 March

Reception Phonics Phase 3 Picture Activity 30th March

Reception Beach Scene Writing Activity 30 March

Reception Pirate Writing 30 March

Reception Easter Tricky Words Booklet 30 March

Reception Addition to 20 March 30th

Reception Comparing Quantities 30 March

Reception Numbers to 20 (Missing Numbers Activity) 30 March

Reception Spring I Spy and Add to 20 March 30th

Reception Home Learning 23rd March 2020

Ms Phillips has found out that Out of the Ark are producing a free song for every day we are stuck at home! If you’d like to join in with the singing click here.

Reception Last Supper work booklet
Reception Numbers to 20 Dot to Dot 23 March
Reception Numbers to 20 One More One Less 23rd March
Reception Teen Numbers Cut and Stick 23 March
Reception Counting and Ordering Numbers to 20 Challenges 23rd March
Reception Phonics Phase 3 Booklet 23rd March
Reception Pirate Tricky Words Booklet 23rd March
Reception Spring Word Search 23rd March
Reception Ocean Scene Writing Task 23rd March
Reception Farm Scene Writing Task 23 March