School Council

At St Monica’s Catholic Primary School, we respect and value the fundamental British values of democracy and ensure the views and opinions of our pupils are expressed and listened to. In September, the children from Year 1 – Year 6 are given the opportunity to present a manifesto to their class and then each child in the class is able to vote for who they would like to represent their class in the school council.

The school council have many exciting opportunities such as visiting Enfield Council chambers, visiting Parliament and helping make key decisions about their school. The school council meet regularly with Mrs Weston and play a key role in helping shape the future of their school.

Children who represent Year 1 are: Dimitar, Isabella, Samuel & Josie. Children who represent Year 2 are: Grace, Oscar, William & Rose. Children who represent Year 3 are: Rosie, Malachy, Frances & Dylan. Children who represent Year 4 are: Celia, Sonny, Aoibhe & Ethan. Children who represent Year 5 are: Mikey, Maria, Aidan & Allegra. Children who represent Year 6 are: Dylan, Kaodi, Max & Zinachi.