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To see an overview of the curriculum for the academic year 2023-2024, please click on the link below.

Children arrive at St Monica’s in Reception Class, coming from about thirty different pre-school providers.

There is a national Early Years Framework which the staff follow. As a Catholic School, Religious Education is also a core subject.

Prime Areas of Learning

In the Early Years Framework there are 3 Prime Areas:-

The prime areas of learning are fundamental and work together to support the development of the child in all other areas. Each of the three prime areas is made up of different aspects.

Specific Areas of Learning

The Early Years Framework also has four specific areas:-

These specific areas of learning include essential skills and knowledge that children need to be able to participate successfully in society. Each of the four specific areas is made up of different aspects.

Religious Education

In the early years, children are exposed to a wide range of experiences that allow them to learn about their faith and the faiths of others. The Catholic religious education curriculum for the Early Years teaches children:

  • signs, symbols and objects of our faith
  • terminology, words and phrases of our faith
  • actions and rituals of our faith and developing a prayerful disposition