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Racial Justice Sunday

It was Racial Justice Sunday 28th January and one of parents, local GP and children’s author, Lorreta Besong came to school on Friday 26th to give a powerful talk to the KS2 children about her experiences of arriving in the UK from Cameroon as a teenager. She experienced awful bullying at school because she looked and sounded different to the other students. She was made fun of because she was clever and studied hard. But later in life she met with one of the bullies. Lorreta was at this point a doctor working in a ward in a hospital when she came face to face with the bully.

Racial Justice Sunday Lorreta Besong

She was able to reach out a hand of reconciliation to her – a very powerful story. Lorreta told the children they needed to walk tall with their head held high – to be proud of who they are and if they experience any unkindness to turn to a trusted adult for help. It was a moving talk for all the children and staff to hear. A big thank you to her for fitting in a visit to us with such a lot of work commitments.