Religious Education

Religious Education is a core subject at St Monica’s and 10% of the weekly timetable is allocated to teaching it. Our Religious Education curriculum follows a three year cycle with the liturgical year and scripture. Children learn about the Catholic faith and develop a deep understanding of Jesus’ teaching which we expect everyone to use as their example in the way they interact and behave with each other.

As well as Catholicism, all children will learn about other faiths. In the infants, the children will learn about other faiths and their traditions through festivals and feast days. All classes learn about Judaism. In Year 3 they have an additional specific focus on Judaism, Islam in Year 4, Sikhism in Year 5 and Hinduism in Year 6.

Prayer and worship play an important part in the Catholic life of our school. There is a daily act of worship, sometimes as a whole school, infants and juniors separately or in individual classrooms. Our priests from St Monica’s Parish are regular visitors and we have Mass in school at least once every half term.

We have a special focus on saints and our House teams are named after St John Baptist de la Salle, patron saint of education (yellow team), St Cecilia, patron saint of music (red team), St Francis of Assisi, patron saint of the environment (green team) and St Theresa of Lisieux, also known as Theresa of the little ways (blue team). During the year the children will have opportunities to celebrate these feast days with special foci on music, the environment, learning in fun ways and doing small things well.