4G’s Rainforests Assembly – Thursday 9th May 2019

4G’s assembly was all about ‘The Rainforest’. They gave us lots of facts and information on this topic, their trip to Kew Gardens and the importance of looking after the rainforests by being more environmentally friendly in everyday life. Fantastic job 4G!!!!​

4Y’s St Patrick’s Day Assembly – Thursday 16th March 2017

4Y took us on a trip of the Emerald Isle. Their assembly was all about St Patrick’s Day which falls on the 17th March. They impressed us with their Irish dancing, especially the Siege of Ennis. If you fancy a little exercise get your child to teach you the steps if you don’t know them already!


Singing Playgrounds has come to St Monica’s. Thirty children from KS2 attended training at Keys Meadow Primary on 27th February. They then helped another 24 children to learn to be Song leaders here in school. Finally, we took the games out into the playgrounds, and hope to run sessions once a week. Our favourite games are “Jump Jim Joe”, “Bungalow”, “John Kanakanaka”, “Here Comes Sally” and “Tanczymy Labada”.

A Star Is Born Years 4-6 – Friday 27th January 2017

Another full night of entertainment – Well Done to all the Pupils who performed tonight! The standard was impressive and the judges had to make some difficult decisions choosing winners. Luckily the staff performance was not judged! Thank you to all the staff who helped to organise this event. Nearly £740 was raised in ticket sales which will be put towards buying resources for the children.

Google Expeditions – Monday 14th November

Google visited St. Monica’s on Monday 14th November. They brought with them a virtual reality kit so that the children could explore various places linked to their topics e.g. Space, the human skeletal system and the Great Coral Reef.