1Y’s India Assembly – Thursday 27th February 2020

On Thursday, 1Y’s assembly was all about India. They took us on a journey and educated us on: Indian animals, Bollywood music and dancing, Indian food, their weather and they even sung a song in Hindi. Well done 1Y for a first class assembly!

1G’s Science Assembly – Thursday 15th March

1G took us on a whirlwind trip showing all the Science topics they have been learning about so far this year. They impressed us all with their knowledge and fabulous singing! They also displayed some of the things they had made for this topic which was lovely to see.

1Y India Assembly – Thursday 18th May 2017

1Y would like to thank everyone who came to their assembly all about India. They had so much fun singing and dancing and educating you on all things Indian!! The stage looked very colourful with their beautiful costumes!