1Y Class Assembly – Thursday 28th March

Through drama and song, class 1Y led us through the events of the Great Fire of London at their class assembly on Thursday. They had learnt a lot of information about the reasons behind the start of the fire in Pudding Lane and why it had continued to spread. They had also learnt that we […]

Year 1 Nativity – Tuesday 12th December

Fear, Doubt and Panic were determined to ruin Christmas in the Year 1 Nativity play, but the children had courage, were calm and brilliantly presented the true story of Christmas. Very well done to them all – they were fabulous!

Key Stage 1 Enfield Gymnastics Festival

We were proud to send five children to the Enfield gymnastics festival on Monday 27th November. Hadassa, Isabella, Joel, Eliana and Sofia performed a floor routine and a piece on the vault. You can watch some of the action here.

Infant Sports Day – Tuesday 27th June

Great fun was had on Tuesday at the Infant Sports Day. There were six races which every class took part in: relay, egg and spoon, sack, under/over, beanbag on the head and straight running. To finish, Year 2 competed in a long distance run.The children wore their House Colours and points were collected for every […]

Class 1Y Assembly – Thursday 11th May

Class 1Y took us to India on Thursday 11th May! They taught us a lot of interesting facts about India and also entertained us with singing and dancing. You can see some of the action here.

Infant Passion Service

On Wednesday 29th March, the Infant children gathered for a Passion Service. We reflected on the events of Holy Week from when Jesus was hailed a King on Palm Sunday up until his death on Good Friday. Through song, drama and prayer the children were reverently focused on Jesus’ love for us. We hope the […]

Class 1G assembly – Thursday 16th March

Class 1G’s assembly was literally out of this world! They treated us to a space adventure complete with everyone wearing amazing astronaut helmets. They gave lots of reasons why all the other planets in our solar system would not make good holiday destinations! They decided that planet earth was the best place to be and […]

“A Star is Born!” Thursday performance with Reception, Years 1, 2 and 3

Over forty children from Reception, Years 1, 2 and 3 sang and danced their way across the stage for our annual talent show “A Star is Born!” The children performed a dress rehearsal for the school in the morning and then again in the evening for their families. Their confidence to entertain was spell binding!! […]

Year 1 nativity “The Inn-spectors”

On Tuesday 13th December the children from Year 1 performed their Christmas nativity play for their families. Every inn in Bethlehem was thoroughly inspected, but the perfect inn was found for Jesus to be born!

Christmas Dinner Day!

The children and staff enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner on Wednesday 7th December. There was a lovely party atmosphere and Christmas music playing. Thanks to our catering team at HCL for the lovely food! Click here to see some photos.

Infant Gymnastics Festival 28th November

Five children from Years 1 and 2 took part in a gymnastics festival on Monday 28th November, with nine other schools from Enfield. They performed their routines on floor and vault with confidence. They were very excited to attend this event and look forward to lots more in the future!