Bank of Learn to Earn – October 2018

St. Monica’s are proud to introduce ‘Learn and Earn’, our new shop and bank system!

The rationale behind our project is twofold. Firstly, we aim to motivate and enthuse our children to take responsibility for areas of their own learning. Our second aim is to teach our children the concept of and the relationship between work, money, saving and spending.

Monicash (our school currency’s name) will be awarded to children where it can be seen they have worked hard at something. It could be for any area of the curriculum. If the staff notice that a child is working very hard or achieved something through great effort, monicash will be given out.

Children will be encouraged to bank their earnings, by opening an account at the Bank of Learn and Earn. They will have the opportunity to browse in the Learn and Earn shop to identify items which they might like to save for. Merchandise ranges in price from 5 monicash to 200 monicash. Throughout their time at school the children will learn how to manage their finances by appreciating the connection between work and reward, the value of money and the potential reward of saving versus impulses to spend.

We have appointed two bank managers, bank clerks and shop assistants from Year 5. The bank and shop opened yesterday and the appointed children from Year 5 are now running the bank and shop at break times and lunch times.

We were fortunate to gain sponsorship from Aquinas (the supply teacher agency) and have stocked the shop for now. However, we anticipate that stock will run low soon, so if you know another company (or person) who would like to sponsor us please contact the school office. Alternatively if you have any spare real cash, feel free to donate some to the school so we can keep Learn and Earn well stocked!

Please see below the photos of our grand opening.