Year 2

Online learning activities can be found here. Please read the “Home Learning” letter from the teachers first before you open any of the links below.

Year 2 Home Learning letter wk beg 1st June
Year 2 Muslim Beliefs (as a PDF document)
Year 2 Muslim Beliefs (repeated, but as a PowerPoint document)
Year 2 – blank mind map
Year 2 – comprehension – The bear who came to babysit
Year 2 – PE challenge cards

Year 2 Home Learning letter wk beg 18th May
Year 2 – conjunctions
Year 2 – o’clock
Year 2 – o’clock & half past
Year 2 – o’clock, half past & quarter
Year 2 – telling-the-time-in-5-minute-intervals

Year 2 Home Learning letter wk beg 11th May
Year 2 – Mary Mother of God Kit
Year 2 – British tree leaves

Year 2 Home Learning letter week beg 4th May
Year 2 – VE Day activities

Year 2 Home Learning letter wk beg 27th April
Year 2 – Easter Garden activity

Year 2 Home learning letter wk beg 20th April
Year 2 – The Easter story
Year 2 – Word Mat for instructions
Year 2 – phase 3 sounds mat
Year 2 – phase 5 sounds mat
Year 2 – imperative verbs

Year 2 Home Learning letter 30 March 2020

Year 2 Room-on-the-Broom comprehension


Year 2 Home Learning 23rd March 2020

Ms Phillips has found out that Out of the Ark are producing a free song for every day we are stuck at home! If you’d like to join in with the singing click here.

Dolch 200 most common words Practise reading and spelling these words with your child. Aim to do a check on 10 per day (not all 200 in one go!!) to see if they can a) read them and b) spell them from memory.

Year 2
gruffalo ordering sheet